Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thought of the Day: Cupcakes are wicked expensive

Perhaps I shouldn't have bought the solid gold cupcakes with the platinum frosting, but either way...

...cupcakes are flippin expensive.

(Thus ends the thought of the day)


MsC said...

But But But...

Where did you get yours from?

What flavor?

How was the frosting?

How much is too much? $2.50? $4.00?

Sure, I know....I am asking more than just the "thought" allows...but if you care to to hear it.

Anonymous said...

but its my birthday!

Anthony said...

I got them from Baked & Wired here in Washington DC. I got a good assortment of flavors - lemon being Apple's favorite. I ended up spending almost $4.00 per cupcake, but these are amazing cupcakes, and I'm happy to do it for my Apples.

PanacheNosh said...

...but they're soooooooo delicious!! long as you're not eating them continuously, I'd rather pay $4 than make my own.

Panache Nosh