Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Food Day: Beware of Bears Edition

Happy Food Day Folks. With America's birthday right around the corner, it's picnic time for millions of people as they head out to watch the fireworks. Read all about it and more below.

Bring the Basket: Looking beyond sandwiches and potato salad for your picnic basket? The WaPo and NYT, along with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Boston Globe, and the LA Times all have great alternatives for your picnicing needs.

Celebrate with Berries: With so much in season right now, there's no excuse not to use some fresh berries with your July 4th spread. This Arizona Republic article shows you how.

Beat the Heat with Something Sweet: Aguas Frescas have been keeping Central Americans cool for centuries. The LA Times has some great recipes to help you catch up.

Killing Ketchup: Condiments will be on full display this weekend, but according to a recent poll, Cleveland Plain Dealer readers prefered mustard to ketchup by a margin of 2 to 1. Click here to find out why.

Peanuts and Tamales?: Going to catch a game this weekend for the first time in a while? This Kansas City Star article tells us that you might not recognize some of the items on that ballpark menu.

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