Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Food Day: Late and uninspired edition

Happy food day folks. We're going to keep things short today, so here we go.

Oh good, another "celebrity chef" is coming to DC: According to Metrocurean it looks like DC has another uber-chef on his way to impress the small-town crowd. Michael Mina, owner of over a dozen restaurants nationwide (and one in Mexico) will be opening up a Bourbon Steak location at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown. What will we have to look forward to? According to Arizona Central's review of Bourbon Steak - one of the best steaks you've ever had (but you're going to pay for it).

Lobster powered cars?: Prices of everything everywhere are going up, except for lobster, which is going down according to the Boston Globe. This is horrible news for lobstermen who are having to contend with higher costs for fuel and bait.

Oh the Irony
: LA, the birthplace of fast food, has put a one year moratorium on new fast food joints in South LA according to this Pittsburgh Post-Gazette report.


The Ex said...

The ban on NEW fast food in South LA is awesome. I’m so excited! LA would be a much better place with out a golden arch every few blocks.

Anonymous said...

Is the new steak place replacing Seasons? Wouldn't that just be a shame....

Anthony said...

Oh Apples, don't you start crying on me now.