Tuesday, July 8, 2008

DC Chef on Food Network Tonight

You've probably seen this a few times now while scanning the internets, but in case you haven't, tune in to the Food Network to see DC's own Chef Teddy Folkman of Granville Moore's battle celebrichef Bobby Flay on Throwdown - tonight at 9pm.

Throwdown, the Food Network version of Punk'd, or otherwise known as, "aw screw it, let's just give Bobby Flay another show", involves Flay "surprising" someone who does something very well and challenging them to do whatever it is they do well.

Every time I've watched this show (twice) he's surprising and challenging some grandmother who has owned a gas station restaurant since the year that the Moors took Spain, and makes the best chili in the tri-state area - hence my surprise Flay challenging an actual chef from a real restaurant. Isn't that what Iron Chef is for?

Either way, Teddy evidently makes a good pot of mussels. We'll see how many different types of peppers Flay can put into his.

Oh, and not to spoil it for you, but Flay loses. He loses every episode, and walks a way a little wiser about the ways of the world. Kind of like a Food Network version of Kung Fu - but with more emulsions.

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Anonymous said...

Acutally Flay doesn't always lose, but I do think that he "throws" a lot of the challenges by making the dish distinctively Flay. His signature use of chilis, oils, and spices make his versions discernable IMHO.
We'll see tonight!