Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Umm, sir...the food is already dead

Somehow it's come to this: some Atlanta restaurants are telling their customers to leave their guns at home after a new law "allows holders of concealed weapons permits to bring guns into restaurants that serve alcohol", according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Obviously not being familiar with the work of Johnny Cash or the concept of simple common sense, the Georgia State Legislature's decision to allow people to carry deadly weapons into establishments where small children dwell and people generally get hammered now puts an accidental shooting into the list of bad things that can happen at say...a Ruby Tuesday's - come for sub-par food, stay because you've been shot in the head.

Luckily the restaurant community has at least one person with Oxygen properly flowing to their brain; Susie Oddo, the vice president of operations for Tappan Street Restaurant Group told the Atlanta Business Chronicle, "When you add alcohol, it's not a good mix".

There is a bright side to this law: you'll never have some snot nosed restaurant manager try to screw a customer out of having breakfast again (see clip below for reference).

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