Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Food Day: iFood edition

Happy Food Day folks. Here's what's going on in the world of food.

It's not just here: According to the NYT, Washington DC isn't the only city with a serious case of burger fever. Paris has it, and there's no cure.

But will it pay the bill?: The iPhone may be the best thing you've waited three hours for in a long time, but can it tell you the best place to eat? This NYT article has its doubts.

The King Returns: He collects Michelin stars like you collect...well, whatever it is you collect. Now the best chef in the country is back in LA, and the LA Times couldn't be happier.

Boston Tea Party: Sweet Tea may be a southern thing, but it's made its way to beantown according to the Boston Globe.

Foreshadowing: If you haven't heard, world-famous chef Alain Ducasse is opening up a restaurant at the St. Regis hotel here in Washington. WaPo food master Tom Sietsema ventured to the Big Apple to see what we have to look forward to.

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