Sunday, July 6, 2008

Good Stuff Eatery to Open Tomorrow

Good Stuff Eatery, the new burger and shakes joint by Top Chef alumni Spike Mendelsohn opens tomorrow after garnering mixed responses from the DC food community.

While the menu looks solid, and all initial reviews I've seen have been positive, Spike hasn't gained very many friends for what some consider his slighting of the DC food community.

If you watch the interview he did with Washingtonian Magazine, he comes across more interested in making his PR mark on DC, and pleasing his fans from Top Chef than he does in becoming a part of DC's larger food community.

I can only hope that Spike remembers that there were burger makers and top chefs here before him, and they didn't get there through a TV show.

So, do you think that Spike's product will match his hype?

Photo Courtesy: Washingtonian Magazine


Anonymous said...

Good Stuff will be delicious, and a cool, cutting edge addtion to the nabe- that's my predicition.

You can't blame the kid for getting caught up in the excitment of it all. He's proud and passionate- that's a good thing!!

I think we should embrace the younger generation of chefs and trend-setters...DC is considered stuff and un-hip and people like Spike give the city a bit more...STYLE. Amen to that.

Let's focus on the positive! Now I'm heading over for a marshmellow milkshake!

Anonymous said...

I went to the "friends and family" gathering at the Good Stuff Eatery. The atmosphere was hip and laid back. The cooking line is open for all to see which adds a nice effect. The strawberry milkshake I had was smooth and milky, the perfect accompaniment to the delicious Blazin’ Barn burger that I had which was outstanding. The burger was cooked to perfection, and topped with pickled daikon & carrots, mint, cilantro, thai basil, lettuce and spicy mayo. Speaking of the spicy mayo they also had a mayo dipping sauce bar which contained 4 different mayos to use for dipping your fries and onions rings. They offered Old Bay Mayo, Sriracha mayo, Chipotle mayo and Mango mayo. My favorite was the Old Bay Mayo, mostly because I love fries with OB. I had a great experience at the Good Stuff Eatery, I enjoyed my delicious meal I will definitely be frequenting this great new addition to the hill.

Anonymous said...

I think he's caught up in all the hype going from Top Chef to restaurant owner. He should really concentrate on making sure what he is serving is actually "Good Stuff". We decided to try it out yesterday after noon. Let me just say if you like very greasy burgers (ordered Good Stuff Melt) that are overcooked and over seasoned & very very greasy fries (ordered Village fries)& onion rings (it was mostly all batter, I was like where are the onions) then maybe you will like Good Stuff. The mayo bar was nothing to talk about. The strawberry milkshake was nothing special, I guess maybe it was ok at the most. I'm just glad that we didn't have to wait in a long line, which would have made everything even more disappointing. Total cost for burger, fries, milk shake & onion rings $19.85.