Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Restaurant to Open in Clarendon

Replacing the old India Curry House, Spider Kelly's, a "a comfortable, appealing bar and dining room that is inextricably linked to the neighborhood." will be opening up at a date yet to be revealed.

Owned by Nick Freshman and Nick Langman, two "long-time area residents", Spider Kelly's will operate under the motto, "Come as you are", encouraging guests in tuxedos and tuxedo t-shirts to feel comfortable.

The menu has some standard bar fare such as burgers and wings, as well as salad, sides to share, and desserts.

As someone who lives near, and walks by Clarendon almost daily, it's very exciting to see the area being built up, and more local, independent viable options for those of us who want a good place to have a bite to eat and down a few drinks.

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