Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Yogurt Shop Coming to Georgetown

Get used to these posts folks, because I could start a whole new blog just announcing new frozen yogurt shops.

IceBerry, a firm I know nothing about, is about to move into the old CD Warehouse location at 30th and M St. NW, right across from Citronelle.

IceBerry will be the second shop to offer frozen yogurt in the Georgetown area; Sweetgreen, which is probably best known for their salads, was the first restaurant in the area to incorporate this kind of frozen yogurt on their menu.


Britni said...

Okay so enough of these frozen yogurt places opening in DC... what about Alexandria or Arlington?

Anthony said...

Hopefully soon. I can tell you at least one of the local shops is considering Arlington as a next step.

There are too many hungry folks out there not to move outside the city.

Anonymous said...

When are the Mr. Softee trucks going to finally make their way down to DC too? There are tons in NYC and they have the greatest frozen custard (read real ice cream and not the yucky yogurt stuff, which I hate). One thing I should also add is that I tried friend's tangy sweet last weekend and we both hated the tart taste. Not sure why it's so popular, but maybe I just can't appreciate it as a non-yogurt person.

Keep up the great posts -- one of my favorite food blogs and I read it regularly.

Anthony said...

I'd def throw in some cash to get a Mr. Softee down here.

And while I disagree about TangySweet, I can understand. It's very different from what a lot of us are used to. I'm just glad a local, homegrown business is doing so well.