Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gerard Pangaud Bistro Closed

Another closing today: Gerard Pangaud Bistro near McPherson Square.

Not exactly a household name to youngsters like me, Chef Pangaud headed up a two star Michelin restaurant in Paris before he was thirty years old.

Chef Pangaud left his position at L'Academie de Cuisine back in March to come back full-time to the restaurant.

This makes two high profile restaurants that have been closed within the past few weeks in the McPherson Square area; Butterfield 9 was the other.

Photo Courtesy: Washingtonian Magazine

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Anonymous said...

I used to live in the McPherson square area and it was amazing how much of a ghost town it became on the weekends. There's no foot traffic like in Dupont, Metro Center or Gallery Place so it's pretty much a dead-zone. I could've done a better job at supporting those local restaurants while I lived there, but I didn't have the money for it! They don't give the food away!