Monday, July 7, 2008

Review: The Majestic

We sat there bickering like two little kids, arguing over which one of us would go over and talk to her, nervous as if she'd cut off our hands.

From the looks of it, Shannon Overmiller, The Majestic's Executive Chef, is part pirate, part field general. Standing on the other side of the kitchen, perfecting every plate that comes her way, and pacing with intense anticipation for the next.

We had just finished our meal when Apples dared me to go over and thank her for doing what she does. I of course didn't want to bother her - at least that's what I said - but to be honest I was kind of nervous.

I had met Shannon before, when she was a guest on a show I was a producer on last year. I produced the segment, and had a chance to talk with her then. But that was on my turf - we were on hers now, and it showed.

First of all, I didn't know what to tell her. What dish did I like the best? Was it the Caesar salad, prepared table side and full of wonderful flavor. Big enough for two it's a steal - a definite get for next time.

What about garden pea soup which was so rich and flavorful I could drink it by the gallon? The soft shelled crab that was cooked perfectly and embodied everything a soft shell should be; or the fried green tomatoes, accompanied by a corn-avocado relish that screams summer?

No, maybe it was the gnocchi, soft pillows of perfection - the best I've ever had.

Maybe I didn't want to tell her how much I liked the food I had for dinner. Maybe I wanted to tell her that their drink list is jam packed with winners, and that their desserts - from fruit filled cakes to decadent brownies - can't be missed.

Before I had a chance to figure it out, or we had a chance to decide who would go up to her and say thanks, she came to us. Probably noticing all of the staring and pointing over the course of the meal, Shannon walked over and talked to us for a few minutes. Asking how we liked the menu, only a few weeks old, and telling us what she has planned for Nana's Sunday Dinner in the next few months.

It's hard not to like this place. Everything is open, meaning that if you're lucky enough to grab a seat close to the kitchen, you're in for a wonderful piece of dinner theatre, and the service was remarkable.

I don't think there will be any hesitation next time to go up and thank Chef Overmiller; this is one restaurant where hesitation simply isn't on the menu.


Anonymous said...

I too get a bit star-struck, or chef-struck when dining at the hands of a great kitchen. I want to thank them and talk about the food, but get the hairy eyeball from my husband! He doesnt want me to bother them!

Anonymous said...

I also just really love the food at the Majestic. I had the best chicken sandwich tehre I've ever had (which sounds silly, but it is DIFFICULT to do comfort food right!) and want to go back for Sunday dinner.

Trenchant said...

My wife and went there last August before moving. I was also very impressed by the results from the kitchen as well as the bar! What's even more surprising was something that I wasn't too sure about...the calf's liver. Don't know if it's on the menu anymore, but I usually don't get liver, and if I do it's either a small portion or minced and used to add flavor in a sauce or gravy. Well I had a full portion and the taste was wonderful and cooked just right (i.e. not overcooked and mealy). The desert even better to round out the meal along with a mint julep or two. I had a great time talking to Chef Overmiller as well. Then again I may be biased since she's my cousin. I haven't tried the Sunday dinner, but if it's like anything I've had at family dinners, then you'll be set for the evening after a few cocktails. Delicious.