Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Food Day: Three is the new five edition

Happy food day folks. I normally give you five stories, but because I'm pressed for time, I'll give you three. Maybe I'll give you seven next week.

Burger Bash: Washington City Paper's Tim Carman writes an article in today's WaPo that might just have all Five Guys shaking in their meat filled boots. Seriously, this article needed to be written. With the rise of the burger joint here in DC, there are a lot of little places - like the Apples and Bananas approved Big Buns - that don't get enough press or enough credit for raising the burger bar.

How long til we see this here?: The big new thing right now in NYC are dessert trucks, according to this NYT article. Like every other big NYC trend, one of these will eventually make its way down here, and have us lining up around the block. It's only a matter of time.

Crossing the Pond, one page at a time: British chefs are all the rage right now, and they're doing just as well with the pen as they are with the pan. This LA Times article shows us some of the best cookbooks from the UK.

Photo Courtesy: Washington Post

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Unknown said...

"A Hamburger Today" was in town for the 4th and did an excellent write up for Ben's Chili Bowl that will make me try their Chili Burger over my usual DC Staple half-smoke the next time I'm hungry and on U Street.

He also made the slightly odd choice of reviewing Clydes and Mr. Smiths of Georgetown, which while I suppose they are DC staples(for better or for worse), makes me wonder why he couldn't have done his homework and taken a bus to Cleveland Park, Silver spring, or hopped over the bridge to Arlington.