Thursday, October 18, 2007

Really fast food

I'm not very well traveled, but I almost always make it a point to eat something while I'm at whatever airport I'm at - which is always easy considering my OCD gets me to the terminal usually hours ahead of time.

The Washington Post has a great article about food in airports, which are no longer just runways with terminals, but malls and culinary centers.

My favorite airport for food is National Airport here in DC - where I nearly always end up at Legal Seafood and sit at the bar, where the service is great and the food never fails.

Here are some others that are mentioned in the article (but with my own take on them):

Atlanta: I've been to this airport a few times, and never really had a memorable meal - just a few quick sandwiches from Atlanta Bread Company. I'll be back there next month for another shot.

Baltimore: I honestly can't remember ever getting anything to eat at BWI, though I've flown in and out of there a number of times, though they do have a new wine lounge called "Vino Volo" that might be worth checking out.

Cincinnati: I've been through Cincinnati twice (coming in and heading out) and I remember being torn between Gold Star Chili and TCBY. In the end it was no contest; how can you resist the country's best yogurt?

Detroit: This is one beautiful airport, and the the only place I've ever had sushi for breakfast (at Musashi Japanese Cuisine in Concourse A). There are cities with fewer options than Detroit's airport, which makes it one of the best in the country.

Phoenix: Again, the only place where I've had a burrito (I think that's what I had) at 7am - it was either at Blue Burrito Grille or Taberna del Tequila. I remember it being pretty forgetable.

South Bend: South Bend has the best bank of vending machines this side of the Mississippi - no question.


Agatha said...

What? No comment on that awful, awful pizza we had flying to Portland?

I think the highlight of that meal was that woman who approached us to ask us where it was on the menu because it looked good. Gag.

Richard Nixon said...

Detroit has a monorail.

Therefore, Detroit wins.

friendsforkim said...

Correct. Detroit's monorail is awesome. Orlando's monorail comes in a close second though - it's like a Disney ride.