Sunday, October 7, 2007

How important are we?

I think it's an interesting question - and one whose answer constantly evolving. Evidently we're important enough for the Wall Street Journal to do a story on food bloggers.

The story focuses on bloggers like me who primarily review restaurants, and the increasing influence we have on chefs and restaurant owners.

The story also highlights, and I believe is critical of, the practice of restaurants providing free meals to bloggers - even stating that one blogger doesn't take free meals anymore to increase the blog's credibility. Now I'll admit, I've gone to a number of free meals on account of my full-time job, with all involved knowing full well that I happen to blog, but eating free doesn't change the food. Free food doesn't taste or look any better. You can give me a free meal at Burger King and it's still going to be Burger King.

The article sites a Technorati stat that there are over 21,000 food blogs floating around out there. I think that number alone, regardless of methods, makes this community incredibly important, and indicates it'll be here for the long run.

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