Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Food Day!

Happy food day all. Here are some food stories of note from our fair city, and other cities around the country.

That's a spicy meatball!: From the WaPo's food section, it looks like Roberto is in for some competition in Arlington. Massimo Fedozzi of the Portobello Yacht Club in Orlando will see how he fares in an already competitive food climate when Domaso Trattoria Moderna opens early next month in the Hotel Palomar Arlington.

Fedozzi, the son of an up-scale food shop owner in Italy, will offer fresh made pasta and breads, and dishes such as jumbo shrimp with buckwheat polenta and hazelnut-chocolate torte.

Fabulous Fabio: As if we really had a doubt, it seems like Fabio Trabocchi is taking New York by storm. Tom made a visit to Fiamma to check in with the former DCer. It probably helps that he's simply transplanted his entire four star operation to a new venue.

Mad for Mollusks: It seems that oyster bars are all the rage in Boston these days. This Boston Globe article will show you where to go next time you're in beantown.

Trends vs. Tradition: It seems like DC isn't the only town undergoing a pizza revolution. Chicago is in the middle of one, and this article from the Chicago Sun-Times shows how the home of the deep dish is dealing with the thin crust trend.

Peanuts and Cracker Jacks?: Headed to Denver to catch a bit of the World Series? The Denver Post has some great ideas of where you can stop and get a good ole fashion hot dog.

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