Monday, October 15, 2007

You had me at "complimentary pony rides"...

Pony rides? Petting zoo? Apple butter and pick-your-own pumpkins? Sign me up! Oh yeah, and there's food there too to sweeten the deal.

Clyde's of Willow Creek Farm, located all the way in Broadlands, Virginia is having a Fall festival on Saturday, October 27th from noon until 5pm.

Along with the festivities will be quality food - such as grilled pork loin sandwiches, bratwurst, and homemade pretzels

Give the good folks at Clyde's a call at 571.209.1200 if you want more details - this just might be the can't miss event of the fall (that involves ponies and apple butter).

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Anonymous said...

I went to Clyde's Willow Creek Farm about a month after it opened. It's definitely both an impressive and beautiful structure (they gutted a historic farm house/barn to make it,) but as always there's the typical Clyde's food... I'd go for the pony rides, though.