Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ok, now I'm confused

There's a great article in today's Dallas Morning News about Casey Thompson, one of the finalists on Top Chef, which ended last night.

Casey is the executive chef at a restaurant in Dallas called Shinsei. That's right, Shinei. It's a flippin pan-asian/sushi restaurant. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention this season, but I don't ever recall her making a SINGLE asian dish.

I honestly expected her to have some sort of modern-American, play it safe type restaurant. Man oh man was I wrong.

Just in case you were curious - Hung doesn't seem to be at Guy Savoy in Vegas anymore. I'm not quite sure where he went - I'd imagine he's still jumping up and down after last night's win.

And Dale? My favorite. He's working on opening up his own restaurant in Chicago. This interview with him has some really great info on his past and his future plans.

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