Thursday, October 25, 2007

A little ballgame and a little beer...

If I was cooler, or a Rockies/Red Sox fan, I'd be out at a sports bar somewhere with my fellow fanatics going nuts at every pitch.

But as we enter the sweet spot in the sports calendar (the week of the year when you have actual pro basketball, baseball, football, hockey and soccer, in addition to college football), I wanted to throw this out to you - my readers - which sports bars do you frequent in the DC area? Which ones serve the best food, have the best service and the best drink specials?

I'm personally a fan of Bailey's in Ballston - a decent menu and more TVs than a Best Buy make it a good spot. Summer's in Courthouse is also a good spot - again, lots of TVs, decent atmosphere.

So again, I'll leave it up to you - what are your favorites?

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