Friday, October 12, 2007

Review - Oyamel

They need to change the signs. Penn Quarter? No no's Andres Quarter. Jose Andres owns the place, and we're all just paying rent.

I had a chance to visit Oyamel, one of Jose's restaurants a couple times this week, and was not disappointed either time.

The restaurant is probably best known for Tacos de Chapulines, or tacos with sautéed grasshoppers. This, being the first time I've knowingly and willingly eaten bugs, was a bit of an experience, but a good one. The grasshoppers are very crisp and have a good garlicy/spicy flavor to them.

But the menu is much larger than bugs in a corn tortilla. Chef Joe Raffa, who is not only a great chef but an incredibly nice guy, does Moles very well, as well as the best guacamole I've had in DC. Not over-seasoned, the table side presentation is very well done and goes well with homemade chips.

One of the highlights of both meals was the dessert. I really enjoyed the Sopa fria de maracuya con sorbete de yogurt y epazote, which is essentially a cold fruit soup with lime yogurt sorbet. I had something similar at Jaleo and really like the taste and texture.

The second dessert I had, as part of a special menu, was a candied pumpkin with piloncillo sugar, orange, and Mexican cinnamon. Everyone at my table was really surprised by this, and it was noted that while it's a Mexican dish, we all would have been glad to make it for Thanksgiving.

A diverse menu, talented chef, and great ambiance make Oyamel an attractive option in the land of Andres - I'm looking forward to my next visit.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ant!,

I've been reading your blog lately. Great work! You'll have to do a piece on Bizzaro's when you come down for Thanksgiving. Mom and Dad will be here any minute and we're heading straight to the beach for a pie. I'll make sure to have a slice and a cold one for ya.

Wish you were here!,