Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bourdain bashes boring food

So I couldn't go more than a week without posting something else Anthony Bourdain related - but from October's issue of Radar Magazine, Bourdain gives us his overrated menu, or dishes that are overdone and overvalued.

So what's on the menu? Such dishes as pea soup topped with truffle oil, cruelty-free Berkshire pork with shallot reduction and Yukon potato gnocchi, and of course, the chocolate martini.

While I agree with most of his entries (Unlike Bourdain, I think that you can put a crust on a piece of fish or chicken without destroying the dish), I think he left a few dishes off.

Below is my overrated menu. Let me know what you think.

Tuna Tartare (in its many variations)
Really folks, what percentage of restaurants in this city have a tuna tartare on their menu? Don't get me wrong, I like tartares, but tuna in general is just over done. Stick to sushi, tuna - don't get greedy.

Filet Mignon (Just for the hell of it)
I'm a big fan of filet mignon, but I feel as if you should only have it on your menu if meat is your thing. It's a great excuse to charge a lot of money for a cut of meat everyone knows about, but again, I'd much rather have a hanger steak and pay $15 less, or have another less cliche protein.

Double (or triple or quad...you get the point) Chocolate anything
Yes, people love chocolate. But do I really need a five pound hunk of butter and chocolate sitting in my stomach at the end of the meal? No. Any dessert I can get at Ruby Tuesday's is a dessert I can pass on.

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Richard Nixon said...

Taco Bell. Highly overrated. That is all.