Friday, January 25, 2008

Talk amongst yourselves: Small Portions

Over the past few days the issue of portion size has come up in a couple of my conversations with various people. I've always been a fan of smaller portion sizes (with smaller prices), which probably partially explains my love for tapas and sushi restaurants.

I might be compromising my snob status by saying this, but I think Applebee's (I think it was Applebee's) really got it right when they started offering half portions for half price, and I think more restaurants would be wise to follow in their example.

So, I want to throw this question out there: what do you feel about current portion sizes at restaurants? Do you think they're too big, or do you care more about getting the bang for your buck?

Go ahead, talk amongst yourselves!

BTW - My last post was number 300; thank so you much to my readers for giving me a reason to keep this thing going.


B said...

I... kinda loathe the big portions

The Ex said...

Everytime I go out to eat I get the half salad or senior meal because ffs it's too much food! I don't care how cheap it is - it's a waste to have portion sizes that big.

And if it's not a waste? You're eating too much.

MRhé said...

I love big portions because I'm a big fan of leftovers and I can (usually) avoid gorging myself.

It's extremely annoying to pay for substandard portion size.

That being said, on the lower end of things, it's ridiculous to see obese Americans eating gigantic burgers, pounds of fries and drinking tubs of soda. Also all-you-can-eat buffets are a disturbing phenomenon sometimes.

Nice blog by the way, I'm a fan (from 20SB). Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Or my personal favorite, the "lunch portion"

Sigh, I wish I worked downtown!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 300th :)