Friday, January 4, 2008

OMG New Hampshire!

I'm not going to sugarcoat this...I roll with nerds, hard core.

Yesterday the crew took over a corner of the Big Hunt down in Dupont to watch the Iowa Caucuses (dubbed by me as the Hawkeye Caucai (sp?))

Next Tuesday of course is the New Hampshire Primary, and I'll be having a party at my place to celebrate, argue, and probably overeat/drink.

So, what exactly does one serve at a primary party. My first thought was making it a New Hampshire Primary Pasta Party, and just make three or four different kinds of sauces to go with a generic pasta (penne or spaghetti).

Anyone out there have any better ideas?

*I'll also accept primary predictions as ideas.


Anonymous said...

Chowdah! I think bowls of steaming potato corn chowdah (or clam) would be fun and low maintenance.

Richard Nixon said...

Agreed on the Chowdah; also focus on New Hampshire-like foods. Go heavy on maple if you can find maple squares down there. Harvey's Bakery and Restaurant in Dover has the best maple squares I've ever had. Period.

Warm food is essential in the NH winter. Though its going to be mild on Tuesday

Chef Jeena said...

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Anonymous said...

Ethan Allen chairs? Wait, that's Vermont.