Monday, January 7, 2008

We're out of our element. But it tasted so good

In the past, when Apples and I cook, it's usually something that's more our element, i.e., something that's not meat and potatoes. So that's why it was a bit of a surprise when Apples mentioned last night that steak and potatoes would be a good idea for dinner. Naturally, I couldn't argue.

Using some awesome cheese that I'll have to be reminded the name of that we got at the Dupont farmer's market, as well as some royal trumpet mushrooms that I got at the Courthouse farmer's market, we somehow came up with a meal.

The real focus was the potatoes, which were simply mashed and had milk, butter (very little), salt and the cheese added. Secondary to that was spinach with onions and the mushrooms, and finally, as more of an after thought, was a small piece of filet mignon that was seared at a high temperature and then put under the broiler to finish.

If the picture above looks a little smoky, it's probably because my oven produces more smoke than the entire state of North Carolina.

The steak turned out perfect, which is a first for me (I usually overcook my steak on accident), and the mushrooms were incredible. The potatoes turned out exactly how we wanted them to; the cheese was subtle, but added a lot to the dish.

So, anyone out there make anything exciting for dinner last night?


The Ex said...

Oh, that looks delicious. I wonder what cheese it was?

I think steak is always a good choice. I had chicken fajitas for the third night in a row last night - lesson learned? Don't make a shitload of chicken fajitas because they get old fast.

TKTC said...

I did a salmon salad. Salmon filet spread with a thin layer of course mustard, salt and pepper then wrapped in one piece of bacon and sauteed to finish. Put it on a baby arugula salad with Ambrosia mix, chopped walnuts, Feta and a little vinaigrette. I have to say- It was pretty damn good.

But now you have me craving steak.