Thursday, January 31, 2008

Review - Asahi Japanese Restaurant

If Apples and I were stranded on a desert island and could only eat one thing, it'd probably be sushi. So that being said, whenever the two of us can get our hands on some, it's a good thing.

Recently Apples found a sushi place hidden about three minutes from her apartment. This was good news indeed!

Asahi Japanese Restaurant is pretty standard at first glance. Sushi bar, tables, not a whole lot on the walls. But it's not what's on the walls that makes this place special, it's what's going on behind the sushi bar and in the kitchen.

The times that Apples and I have been there we've sat at the bar, and have never been disapointed.

Don't go in thinking you're going to get Sushi-Ko quality, but I would put this right up there with Sushi Tono or even Sushi Taro - which are two of my favorite sushi joints in DC. The fish is very fresh and the fish to rice ratio (again, the real measure of a good roll) is where it should be.

The service is also pretty first rate, and if you sit at the sushi bar, expect to get some extras on the house. Dining there last night, Apples and I got a very strange but oh so good, salmon, cream cheese, kiwi, and apple on a skewer with some sort of simple syrupish sauce on it. It was a pleasant surprise to say the least.

Normally I would discourage everyone from going to such a place, so there'd always be room for me at the bar. However the past couple times I've gone in it's been fairly slow, and I'd hate to see it go under. So go! Have some sushi. Just save two seats for us.

Asahi Japanese Restaurant
2250 Clarendon Blvd. #G,
Arlington, VA 22201

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McLean Robbins said...

Ohh, new sushi. Very exciting. I went to the one with the $12.95 sushi lunch buffet (across from Ballston Common Mall, next to Front Page) last week and was also impressed with it.