Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The results are in...

...and it was a victory for the New Hampshire Primary Pasta Party! Now of course I didn't bother to take any pictures of the food, or of the cooking process, and of course I had to rush home from work and frantically start cooking before the crew showed up, but in spite of all of that, it was a pretty successful party.

I started off making garlic bread, which I didn't have any of, but I sure did burn my hands on it, so at least I know it was hot.

I made a basic tomato sauce, and then divided it into two, and put meat (organic, locally grown grounded turkey and hot Italian sausage - both from Whole Foods) and onions into one and vegetables (Royal Trumpet Mushrooms and Spinach) into the other.

I also put a bit of store bought pesto out as well.

All of this accompanied a massive box of pasta that fed about nine of us.

Below is a picture of the family, sans Apples and myself.

A special thanks goes to Agatha who brought wine, James and Meghan who brought brownies, and Apples who, as usual kept me from falling apart (and everyone else who came).

As far as the actual results; at least Wilford Brimley is happy, because I had an apartment of unhappy people.

So, were you happy with the results of last night? If you weren't paying attention...did you at least have something interesting for dinner?


B said...

Part of me is bitter and jaded over our political system and can't muster up enough nerve to care (yet).

Give it a lil' bit and maybe it'll all sink in. I'm usually more vested than this.

Anthony said...

After my stint in grad school (for political campaign management) I stopped caring about politics. It's amazed me how quickly I've gotten the bug back.

Beyond that, I'll defer to Andrew Sullivan who puts it much better than I ever could:

Richard Nixon said...

Well, you alluded to this, but again I should state that last night was a devastating loss for diabetes.