Thursday, January 17, 2008

Beyond Purdue

So I missed Food Day yesterday, I think I'm allowed one free pass (but I promise it won't happen again). But there was one article that I really thought needed to be posted about, and that's the article in yesterday's NYT about celeb-chef Jamie Oliver's new quest to change the way we look at chicken - not as something to be hastily unwrapped and consumed, but as an animal, with a lifecycle.

Jamie makes several good points not only about the ethical treatment of the animals we eat, but how our demand for cheap meat has led to these abhorrent conditions.

If you want to find out more about Jamie's efforts, visit the website of his new show, Jamie's Fowl Dinners. There's lots of great info there.

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Um... Yum! said...

Wow! Two blog entries about Jamie Oliver in my Google reader one day! The other was by RaisinCookies. It was about another of his shows where they show an autopsy on an obese man.