Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Food Day: Super Edition

Happy food day folks! With the super bowl only days away, it seems like more people are worried about what to serve their guests than they are about Tom Brady's ankle. So today's stories (with the exception of one) will have a strong Super Bowl theme to them; enjoy!

Double Dip: It's one of the most memorable moments in Seinfeld history, the double dip. But as millions of Americans will soon tuck into various dips and salsas (I just like to say salsa, and no, I never get it confused with seltzer) the issue of double dipping is sure to come up.

Well according to a NYT article, a Clemson University professor found that double dipping does indeed transfer bacteria from person to person, or to be specific, "the students found that three to six double dips transferred about 10,000 bacteria from the eater’s mouth to the remaining dip."

So before you go to work with your chip this Sunday, you might want to consider your company.

Super Plans for the Super Game: Seems like everyone has suggestions of either what to make or where to go. The LA Times has a good list of sports bars to catch the game at if you're in the area, where the Denver Post has a good list of quick and simple recipes to make if you plan on staying home.

Back out west, the San Francisco Chronicle puts the best dipable chips to the test, where a bit closer to home, the WaPo shares their favorite Guac recipies.

So hopefully whether you're watching the game in LA at a bar, or at home here in DC with friends, you're well on your way to having your plans set.

Not super, but still interesting: I really think this was the best article I came across on all the food pages today, because it really reflects the changing nature of the way Americans look at food. The WaPo does a great job of talking about how people are not only educating themselves about what they eat, but using that knowledge to eat smarter.

Not everyone can afford to do this, or would probably care to, but the more people that do, the better chance we have of changing the way this country eats, looks, and feels.

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