Sunday, January 27, 2008

Even Celebs Need to Eat

One of the perks of living in/around Washington DC is that every once and a while you see someone of some importance out and about. Today at lunch at 2 Amy's, Apples and I saw George Stephanopoulos with his two daughters. In fact, we almost cut him in line to get into the restaurant (we were awfully hungry).

While I can't really claim a whole lot of other restaurant sightings (I saw former Clinton Press Secretary Joe Lockhart at Veritas and the Boston Globe's Bob Ryan at a deli in NYC), perhaps you can.

Share em!


Richard Nixon said...

When I was a Freshman in High School, I went on a trip to DC with my parents, and saw the entire Boston Bruins team at Morton's Steak House in Farragut.

Laura said...

Ah my favorite DC celeb topic. We've seen Bob Schieffer at the Monocle, Tim Russert and son at Tomate in Bethesda, Madeleine Albright at Sequoia, Barry McCaffrey at Carlyle Grand, and Helen Thomas at Mon Ami Gabi.

Anonymous said...

remember when we saw david greggory at a nats game?

B said...

I met a comedian at the Cheesecake Factory on my birthday about 3 years ago..

And I've run into a few basketball players here and again.

Too bad I suck at remembering names.

The Ex said...

George Stephanopoulos is a celebrity? That's kind of stretching the truth!

I think the most famous person I've seen at a restaurant is Pat Boone. Somehow I doubt that will impress people.