Friday, January 11, 2008

Fatty Fridays: It's going to be hard to top this

I like hamburgers. I like bacon. But a hamburger made of bacon? Well that's just bananas.

A special kudos has to go out to the folks at Peppers and Smoke who came up with this, because this is the kind of stuff that makes Fatty Fridays possible.

So how did they make it? Take a pound of bacon, grind it up, stuff it with mozzarella, deep fry it, top it with more cheese, and serve with deep fried jalapenos.

This looks like the kind of thing that deserves to be served with deep fried Oreos at a county fair, and probably washed down with a 72 ounce sweet tea.

So, who's frying themselves up some bacon burgers tonight?


B said...

I'd probably have to down that with a big, fat lager.. but holey moley! That thing looks amazing.


The Ex said...

I guess we can be friends now because I LOVE SHINER BOCK.

Um... Yum! said...

I like Deutlich's comment about bacon. :o)

I think I gained five pounds and clogged my arteries just reading about how bacon burgers are made.

They sound delicious.

...said the vegetarian. (Wow, that's the second time in a row I commented on someone's entry with that.)