Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What Came First: The McNugget or the Millions in Advertising?

This blog post was brought to my attention by a friend, and in turn I'd like to bring it to yours.

Down to Earth, which is a great blog (that you'll be able to find on my blog roll), has a great post here about the McNugget - everyone's favorite supposedly chickeny nugget, and how McDonald's (and other fast food outlets in general) have been working hard to reverse the negative image that folks like myself have of the nutritional (and otherwise) quality of their food.

So, read the post, and tell me - do you think that the fast food industry's PR campaign is working? Or are those McNuggets really just that good?

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Unknown said...

I actually really really really love McNugget's and have been saying that they (and their sauces) are not terrible for you for a while.

But that is where it ends.

The rest of this healthy chicken talk is nonsense and moot because their chicken sandwiches and strips are terrible. I tried their new Southern Chicken on a whim since I usually love Southern Chicken Sandwiches and I can't see how you can screw them up, but it was barely passable and far more expensive than a piece of chicken and two pickle slices on a crappy McDonalds roll should ever be.