Friday, July 11, 2008

I'll take a number 5, hold the puppy

If you're heading out to Beijing next month to catch some Olympic action, you might want to bring your own dog - because puppy is off the menu at Beijing restaurants and hotels thanks to China's fear that anyone (i.e. Westerners) may look at that practice as abhorrent.

According to this Reuters report, a government directive "ordered Olympic contractor hotels not to provide any dishes made with dog meat and said any canine material used in traditional medicated diets must be clearly labeled."

I'm not quite sure what ailments require consuming some sort of dog "material", but it looks like actual medicine will have to be administered for the month of August.

No worries though for you folks who want to eat something out of the ordinary (and perhaps friendly), donkey, a popular dish in some Beijing restaurants, is still on the menu.

In honor of this decision, here are some pictures of puppies*.

*These pictures are primarily for Apples, who is a sucker for a cute puppy.

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Anonymous said...

This is the sort of issue that really gives me "paws."