Friday, November 16, 2007

Liberty Tavern - Revisited

Clarendon has always interested me. A neighborhood in transition, empty store fronts stand next to hot restaurants and bars which feed countless yuppies (such as myself) living in their grossly overpriced apartments.

Almost nothing embodies the new Clarendon like Liberty Tavern.

I visited LT a few months back for brunch and found a lot of promise there, so last night I had a chance to visit for dinner.

I sat upstairs, which is significantly less noisy and crowded than the bar downstairs. The service was solid, though a little intrusive at times (on a side note, our waiter had a little Patrick Swayze thing circa 1984 going for him, and was a pretty nice guy).

The menu is fairly causal and limited (in size, but not variety), which I'm a fan of and I think works well in that area.

I decided on the mussels, which were prepared very well in a tomato broth. I got the appetizer sized portion, which sufficed for my entree.

My dining partner got the gnocchi, which must have been pretty good because she devoured the whole thing (plate and all) - so consider that a second hand recommendation.

The drink list was also a winner, which a decent wine selection and enough girly drinks to accommodate any company you might have.

As with last time, I left LT with a good feeling (perhaps it was the wine, perhaps it was the good food and service, who knows?), a good feeling that Liberty Tavern will anchor an improving Clarendon for years to come.


McLean Robbins said...

I did not eat the plate!!! I just mentioned wanting lick it, one or, um ... maybe four times.

Anonymous said...

g and i love the liberty tavern - i have to say i can't believe you are calling them "intrusive"! i think they are just very attentive, and i like to be able to form personal relationships with servers... at least only for the dining experience! i really hope they stick around though, that's for sure.

Anthony said...

I agree, the service was very attentive, and the overall atmosphere of LT is great - but there comes a point where I really just want to talk to the person I'm with and not have to convince my server that everything is ok.