Thursday, May 15, 2008

What I'm Reading: Three New Blogs

Ok, well the blogs (at least two of them) aren't exactly new, but they're new to my blog roll - so I would encourage everyone to read them and read them frequently.

Palatable Reviews
: A great new blog written by friends Tweaks and Matthew Barney Gumble that focuses on restaurants in the Columbia Heights area. I don't get up there much, so consider this THE source for food reviews in DC's hot new neighborhood.

Eat Washington: I had the chance to meet Julia Watson last year at a press dinner and was automatically impressed. I would say that her site is probably the most complete food blog that covers DC - and I wish I would have put up the link months ago.

Eat Foo(d): This will only be a DC based blog for another week or so, as it will soon turn into a San Fran based blog. But it's still a lot of great writing and recipes.

You can find the links to these sites and more on the right hand side of the page.

Happy reading folks!

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Anonymous said...

eatWashington is one of the most remarkably well-written blogs of any type in the District of Columbia.