Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And they thought an election was tough

With the Democratic Primary coming to a close (perhaps tonight?) many people are already looking to the convention in Denver this August.

Well it looks like the convention caterers are having a rough time meeting the high standards the Democratic Party has put forth for the campaign cuisine.

According to a DenverPost.com article, "Fried foods are forbidden at the committee's 22 or so events, as is liquid served in individual plastic containers. Plates must be reusable, like china, recyclable or compostable. The food should be local, organic or both."

Nick Argo, owner of a local catering company says that, "
We all want to source locally, but we're in Colorado. The growing season is short. It's dry here. And I question the feasibility of that."

I think the efforts by the DNC are great, and I hope that the RNC makes the same strides (though I highly doubt they will) in ensuring that their delegates and visitors are eating the best food. I only hope that their convention policy in August 2008 follows through to their governing policy in January 2009.

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