Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mystery Restaurant Almost Open near Virginia Square

With me living in Ballston and Apples living in Courthouse, I do a lot of walking down Wilson Blvd between the two neighborhood.

A while back I wrote about Rendezvous Cafe, a small French themed cafe near the Virginia Square metro. We only had a chance to visit once but enjoyed it very much.

Unfortunately, Rendezvous didn't last very long, and in the past few months there has been noticeable construction in it's old location.

A couple days ago a sign went up, though I honestly can't tell what it says. It looks like is says "hazl", with the sign that Prince adopted located below it.

Looking inside, you'll see a lot of dark furniture, a bar, and areas for seating. There's also a second floor that may or may not be additional seating.

Frankly, I can't quite tell what this place will turn out to be. The decor looks horrible and my gut is whatever will open won't be there for long.

I hope I'm wrong, but it's taken a long time to see any progress, and all I've seen so far is one dumb looking sign.

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