Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Food Day: Brevity is key edition

Happy food day folks. Here's the really really short version of what's going on in the world of food:

Mushroom Madness
: It looks like morel season is upon us, the WaPo has some great tips to find these find fungi.

Eat with your Eyes: They say don't play with your food; these artists obviously didn't listen according to this NYT story.

Cooking with Kids: It looks like there's a new trend in getting kids interested in cooking (I think it's fantastic - get them started young in the kitchen and away from the drive-thru). This NYT article and this Boston Globe article are great examples.

From the Mayor's Office to the Kitchen: Former LA Mayor Richard Riordan has made an amazing transition from politician to one of the biggest restaurant owners in Southern California. The LA Times has his story.

India jealous of our gluttony: As food prices world-wide rise, it looks like some Indians are pointing the finger at the US according to this article in the International Herald Tribune.

The real story here is this graphic.

Look at the amount of corn consumed per person - and that doesn't include all the ethanol used to transport that product, and the amount of corn used to feed the cows and chicken we eat. Long story short, we're not just addicted to oil, we're addicted to corn.

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