Thursday, May 15, 2008

Breakfast is on me today!

Don't feel like paying for breakfast? Put that wallet away, I'll cover you today. means you've got to go to McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts to collect your free meal according to So Good.

For most of the day today you'll be able to get at least something free from McDonald's. From 7am until 10:30am, you'll be able to get their new, "Southern Style Chicken Biscuit", while from 10:30am until 7pm, you'll be able to get their new "Southern Style Chicken Sandwich".

Need something to wash that down with? Stop by Dunkin Donuts for a free iced coffee between 10am and 10pm.

Now, if we can actually get a real restaurant to do something like this, I'd be a happy man.


Anonymous said...

I'll pay you NOT to eat that crap.

Britni said...

Ooh too bad I missed breakfast.