Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tackle Box Opens in Georgetown

According to the boards on, it looks like Barton Seaver's second Georgetown venture, Tackle Box, opened yesterday.

Some of the items on the menu include the "Maine Meal", which includes a fish, two sides and a sauce, fried clams and oysters, and mac & cheese.

But best of all, they'll be open until 2am on weekends, which makes it a great addition to a neighborhood dominated by Quick Pita (at least in my opinion) for late night eats.


Anonymous said...

Lobster rolls were extremely disappointing. Over priced and a very small portion. I think there was about four bites of lobster in the roll.

Clams had little taste to them and the homemade lemonade tasted like sugar water.

Big let down for a new englander.

Anonymous said...

i couldn't disagree more with the prior comment my lobster roll was delicious and my wife said her clams were the best shes ever tasted