Friday, April 11, 2008

Runners need to eat too

If I could blog about anything aside from food, that anything would probably be running. Last year I ran more races than I care to count, and I have a wall full of race bibs above my bed. Last October though, that all came to an abrupt end when I tore my ACL in my right knee.

Well with a lot of care and probably a ton of luck, my knee has fully recovered and I'm back on the road. Luckily Apples, who is by far the superior runner, has decided to join me and signed up for the Army Ten Miler in October.

Part of our training is going to be eating better, so if you're getting ready for the summer race season, here are some great recipes to help you cut down your waste line and your PR.

The Army Ten-Miler site actually has some quality dishes contributed by actual runners, and the Runner's World website has a TON of recipes that range from a "American Kobe Beef Roll" to salmon gyros.

So, you runners out there, what's your favorite pre-race meal? What do you like to eat to stay in shape?

Photo Courtesy DC Road Runners - it's me about to cross the finish line at a 5k last year.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, we're kindreds - I'm training for a triathlon now after coming off an injury last year too... As for favorite running meals, I tend to believe in a balanced diet to get me through race days - something delicious and starchy like potatoes the night before, but I also believe in eating some meat (I tend to go for red meat because it repairs muscles - or at least, that's how I justify it!) and something with some ruffage - because you should never get on the bike needing to... Yeah. I totally bailed on Cherry Blosson (in London instead) but maybe the Army 10-Miler would be a good goal coming up!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting back on the road! I've never been a gifted runner, but I'm training for a half marathon in November, so I'll look forward to reading about any healthy recipes you enjoy. I usually do the traditional pasta/potatoes before a race, but afterwards, I always treat myself to a HUGE hamburger.