Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The new, ole ball game: A look at Nationals Park

It certainly didn't feel like baseball. It was cold, it was gray, and to quote one of the folks at the park, "This shit is football weather."

But I'd have to say that it looked like baseball, and it was good. The new Nationals Park is really something, a vast improvement over RFK in all aspects. The park is more democratic in the sense that everyone, from section 101 to section 401 has a great view.

The food options are probably the most noticeable change from RFK. Gone are the dark innards of the stadium filled with crappy Aramark food. You'll notice the walk ways are open and better lit, filled with a number of great park concession options (all with funny names like Senator's Sausages and Steak of the Union) and all of those local options I've written about.

Right near the main entrance (if you're coming in from the Navy Yard Metro) is Hard Times, Boardwalk Fries, Red Hot & Blue, and Noah's Pretzels, plus a few beer stands.

Down the walk way from these options is Ben's Chili Bowl, which had by far the longest line.

Apples and I opted on the cheap and senseable option and brought a tuna sub and some potato salad into the park, which was a great option. And even though you could bring your own food in, I didn't see anyone else with their own food.

The weather might have been cold (see below), and the stadium might have only been half full, but I must say I'm a fan of this new stadium.

The stadium isn't the only change though. Walking from Navy Yard to the stadium you'll see where progress is being made. Restaurants, businesses, and apartments and condos are going up at a rapid rate, and will soon form an area that will draw people in even without the promise of a baseball game (unlike RFK), and will hopefully inevitably lead to higher attendance and interest in this team.

The changes both in the area and in the quality of the park are startling when put up against RFK and the armory area, I only hope that the team can improve with its surroundings.

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Britni said...

I never made it to RFK but I may have to make a trip down to the new Nationals stadium with all the hype and Hard Times.