Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Overrated restaurant list is overrated

Gridskipper.com claims itself as "the urban travel guide", looking at the best places to eat, drink, and visit in dozens of countries.

I've never really put a whole lot of stock into it as a resource, but this latest guide pretty much proves my reluctance.

A special thanks to Agatha for pointing it out to me, but Gridskipper is out with their list of DC's Most Overrated Restaurants.

First on the list is Lauriol Plaza, which I would have to agree with. The prices for what you're getting as far as quality are insane, but somehow they continue to pack 'em in.

Number two is Sequoia, which I've only had drinks at, but probably continues to thrive due to the fact that it's got one of the sweetest locations in DC, right on the water in Georgetown..

Ok, so those two make sense, but here's where the list really gets me. Number three is Central. CENTRAL! I mean, the New York Times just did a big write up on the place, it's up for a James Beard Award, it's probably the hottest restaurant in town!

So what was their rational behind adding Central to the list? "...all of DC assumed that [Central] would be a knock out. Not so much. One friend went so far as to describe the food as "meh". Any restaurant that charges $16 for a burger and $1 for cheese should not be described as "meh"."

Ok, so you're basing this on what "one friend" told you? How about this, go to the damn restaurant and try it yourself. How about being an actual journalist and not just using hear say to include a restaurant in a list like this. It's irresponsible and not fair to a man and a brand that has earned its reputation.

I'd like to skip on to number six on the list, Jaleo. The gridskipper writer claims that Jaleo is, "stuck in the 90's" and the food as "boring". Tell that to the James Beard Foundation who just nominated Jose Andres for Outstanding Chef nationwide.

I don't know who writes or edits these things, but they need to rethink their profession. I know that James Beard Nominations don't exactly make a restaurant, but they're indicative of that restaurant's worth - and I can guarantee you that at least a third of that list is worth more than the sub par review that slammed them.

Shame on you gridskipper, next time, try asking two friends before you write negatively about a restaurant.


dmb5_libra said...

Boo and hiss!

Two of my favorite restaurants! I can't believe that. Jose and Michael can do no wrong in my book.

Lyra said...

I'm sorry, Jaleo's food is boring? Since when? I just ate there a couple weeks ago and it is delicious. Yes, tapas have been around for a bit, but after all, it was Jose Andres who introduced the damn things, I think he, of all people, is allowed to continue serving them. Especially when they are so delicious.