Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another reason to welcome the Spring

Looking for another reason to go out once the weather decides to realize that it's Spring? Well it looks like some of the best restaurants in the city have some great options to eat outside.

West End's Blue Duck Tavern's 40 seat garden terrace can be enjoyed with new spring cocktails such as a "Pomegranate Thyme Martini" or a "Pineapple Sage Martini", while Brasserie Beck's new patio can accommodate up to 70 guests at their 11th and K NW location.

Looking for a nice outdoor brunch? Perhaps you could grab one of the twenty seats at Hank's Oyster Bar, or hop up to the roof at Ardeo/Bardeo for the weekend Sunday Champagne brunch.

What's your favorite place in the city to eat outside? When given the choice, do you eat outside or inside?

1 comment:

Betty Bleu said...

A favorite is Trio on 17th Street. Cheap drinks, nice spring night, good friends....doesn't get any better!