Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Food Day: All over the place edition

Happy food day folks - here's the skinny in the world of food:

Pizzeria Paradiso Moving: Don't worry, the Dupont Circle location is just moving a block or so away to he Blaine Mansion at 2000 Mass. Ave. NW according to WaPo's Tom Sietsema in his weekly chat. The new location will have double the seats and will also offer a beer program. The targeted opening is this Fall.

Vote with your stomach: Everything these days has a political spin to it, and with the Pennsylvania Primary happening next week, every voter has been analyzed every which way...even down to what they eat..

The New York Times has a great article showing that what you eat and how you live may dictate who you support. Me? Well, I like trail running, grass-fed local beef, and farmers markets. That pretty much settles it.

Local restaurant makes a ton of money: Industry publication Restaurants & Institutions has its Top 100 Independent restaurant list out today. Coming in at number six, with almost $23 million in total sales in 2007, Old Ebbitt Grill.

Coming in at number three with almost $30 million in sales, my cousin's restaurant in Miami - Joe's Stone Crab.

The other kind of diet: Everyone seems to be on a diet these days, but how about one that benefits the Earth? This Boston Globe article explains it all.

Nothing to pass over: Passover is coming up, and there's a ton of articles about how to cook for this important holiday, including ones from the LA Times, Washington Post, Denver Post, and New York Times.

That's all for now folks. Have a great day!

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Richard Nixon said...

This article says that Dr. Pepper, bourbon, and scotch are Republican drinks!!!!! Clearly they missed the boat with me :)