Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Father Knows Best... least mine does. Below is his response to my last post.


I am very happy you are eating healthy, but when it come to sausage, pork rules. Let me go down the list of thing I see wrong with your sandwich. Fake sausage is like taking grape soda to a wine tasting, it looks ok, but not for me. The bread, the bread looks soft, it need to be crisp. More onions and peppers, other than that it looks fine. There is nothing like real sausage, the only way it will hurt you is if it is tied to a bomb. Just remember what your grandfather Bernie always said, everything in moderation. One last thing, sauce is ok but no cheese, why does everyone think because it's Italian it has to have cheese on it. When you come home we will make some subs.



dmb5_libra said...

Hilarious. I feel the same way about turkey bacon.

Sweet Jonny B said...

"when it come to sausage, pork rules"

I love your dad.

Jillian said...

smart guy!

Richard Nixon said...

Once again the lesson is: Anthony's Dad is AWESOME

Richard Nixon said...

For those who aren't familiar with Anthony's dad, he is a man who values a good sandwich.

WhereInDC said...

Good to know I'm not the only blogger whose parents respond to their posts. My mom sends me notes when she thinks I've been eating too much red meat. Ha ha.