Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day'd

Ah, nothing like a nice long weekend to act as an excuse to eat and enjoy the weather. While we did eat out quite a bit (more on that later), the real highlights were a couple meals made in our own kitchens.

Late last week Jill was craving something eggplant related. Not having the time or the patience for a proper eggplant parmesan, we simply sautéed some eggplant dipped in egg and panko breadcrumb and threw it over some whole grain pasta with some tomato sauce and some cheese.

The eggplant turned out nice and firm, and contrasted well with the soft pasta.

The second meal came from the Courthouse farmers market on Saturday, where we decided a loaf of dill, cottage cheese bread (better tasting than it sounds), a couple heirloom tomatoes, some marscapone, and fresh basil would make a proper breakfast.

Not only did this make a proper breakfast, but it made a damn good dinner too.

It should be a busy week. Lots to write about. It's going to be an exciting September!

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