Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Knives down, hands up

Breaking news food fans - according to the New York Post, Mario Batali has severed his ties with the Food Network. That's right; no more Molto Mario and no more Iron Chef. Though this does explain why they're now looking for a new Iron Chef.

This is horrible news for the Food Network and for food fans everywhere. Mario was the best of the Iron Chefs on Iron Chef America, and his show was by far the best straight up cooking show on the Food Network.

As sad as this is, I've got a feeling that we'll see Mario sometime soon - perhaps he'll follow his friend Anthony Bourdain over to the Travel Channel.


Melissa McCart said...

I think Eater followed up and said it's a rumor. . . . I hope so. MelissaMcCart

Anonymous said...

I read something from the New York Post saying that FN told Mario that they weren't renewing his cooking shows, at which point he told them he wouldn't do Iron Chef America anymore. It's all sounds very sketchy and acrimonious.