Friday, September 28, 2007

Gerard's Place closing, opening again in new form

Are you ready for another French bistro!?!

Straight from the boards of, Gerard Pangaud, head instructor at L’Academie de Cuisine, will be closing down Gerard's Place and has opened Gerard Pangaud Bistro to take its place.

Below is a post from Gerard himself that will shed some light on the Michelin chef's plans:

I am Gerard and I want to clarify some points:
I already changed the menu and we are doing a smooth transition for several reasons.
The building is being sold and the landlord delayed the release of the funds agreed upon the extension of the lease. So the the construction is delayed.
The canopy is ordered and the restaurant will be named Gerard Pangaud Bistro not Adeline.
This week I am in vacation from the school and I am training people.
I will be at the restaurant on a regular base especially for dinner.
The price of he entrees is between 18 and 28 dollars.
I kept the Foie Gras on the menu (it is bistro food look at l'Amis Louis)
It is my food, the food I love and I cook at home and my mother was cooking when I grew up.Just using good ingredients and cook them well.
If you are looking for very imaginative and sophisticated you will be disappointed if you are looking for good and REAL food you will enjoy your experience.
So in many ways it is open and I want a smooth period where my staff is adjusting.

I hope to see you soon all of you.


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