Sunday, September 30, 2007

Review - Cashion's Eat Place

Brunch has never been a big deal to me. I'm usually up in time to have breakfast, and end up hungry for an actual lunch. But as I've been spending more time over the weekends hanging with Agatha and co., brunch has begun to enter my eating schedule.

I've passed Cashion's Eat Place a number of times, but decided that today would be a perfect time to give a new restaurant (for me) a shot for a new meal (again, for me) - I made the right call.

The atmosphere inside Cashion's is incredibly comfortable. The space is seemingly small, but very open. High ceilings and open windows make even the deepest parts of the restaurant seem spacious.

Cashion's brunch menu is fairly limited, but filled with plenty of great options. I decided upon the bison burger, which was actually a good sized hunk of ground bison sitting atop a grilled tomato with a fried egg and bernaise sauce, served with home fries.

The bison was very flavorful, but served to me well done, not medium as I asked. Fortunately, the bison was the only misstep on the kitchen's part, as everything else was right on (including the two bowls of very good crusty bread that we went through pretty quickly).

Included in that everything else was Agatha's greek yogurt with local blackberries and granola. THe blackberries looked perfect, and the granola was home made. Agatha made a point to compliment the yogurt, which she said was particularly good.

Steve decided upon the two eggs with potatoes and sausage. I'll have to admit, I didn't ask Steve about his dish, but he seemed pretty happy about everything.

Cashion's isn't the cheapest place for brunch. I spent around $15 for my dish, and Steve and Ags paid about $12 a piece for theirs, but it's certainly one of my favorite places I've been to for bruch, and a place I certainly intend to visit again.

(Side note: I know I might be behind the times on this one, but I think I remember hearing from several different sources that Cashion's is moving - probably on Tom's chat. I hope wherever Ann Cashion decides to move it, it's metro accessable.)

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Agatha said...

The Greek yogurt was drizzled with wildflower honey, yum.