Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Holy F'n Goodness, Batman

Lunch is something to be cherished, in my opinion; I spend all damn day sitting at a desk in a cube (illicitly) reading food blogs, so lunch had better satisfy and sustain and (dare I say) excite me or else I will just up and leave work and never come back.

Lunch today did the trick. I wish I'd had my camera.

Pre-toasted (no toaster here, had to do it at home) sandwich-sized English muffin, "Seriously Sharp" Cabot's cheddar, sliced maple-glazed deli turkey (on sale at HT), granny smith apple slices, and completely delicious honey mustard (Deitz and Watson). I melted that cheese up and slapped the rest on and oh my goodness.

I might still up and leave work and never come back, but I'll have a happy tummy.

Full credit goes to Ant for the inspired sandwich suggestion.

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