Thursday, August 30, 2007

Just What I Expected

Tuesday night, after returning home from performing a rather unpleasant civic duty that Anthony won't let me talk about (it involves needles and the Red Cross and donating... stuff), i was hungry and lazy and in need of cheap food. And thus, we found ourselves at TNR Cafe (Tea Noodles Rice) on Wilson, just across from the Courthouse Metro.

TNR got a decent review in the DC issue of The Onion, but I don't think I've seen or heard any other opinions on the tiny, 15-table eat in/take out joint. True to the name, TNR has just that-- a decent assortment of teas, bubble and otherwise; various rice-based and rice-topping dishes; and your basic noodle soups and stirfries. Nothing particularly exciting, but decently inclusive.

Anthony ordered the spring rolls, which were just as one expects cheap spring rolls to be: greasy, crunchy, cabbagy, and rolled. Good times. He followed with the beef with scallions over rice, which was again, just that. My kung pao tofu was tasty, although a little too sweet for me, and definitely lacking in veggies. I suppose if you ask for tofu thats what you get, but fried tofu smatterred with peanuts does not a dinner (for me) make.

After a bit of confusion over the bill (we got the wrong one, which was $5 higher), we paid and were on our way. I was satisfied, if not particularly impressed. Give it a shot, see what you think.

TNR Cafe (TNR doesn't have a working website)
2049 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: 703-875-0428

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